Even though our Indoor Fitness Center is now open at 30% capacity, we are still operating this dedicated member service for active members as prescribed or directed by a medical or health care provider only.

Mondays - Fridays 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • For active Y members only. Limited to 8 members at a time.
  • Reservations are required and will be made for 30-minute sessions. 
  • Please turn in a completed YMCA waiver form prior to your reservation. Click here to access this waiver.

Members must provide a note or other written documentation from an approved medical or health care provider to confirm that the member’s use of the indoor wellness area is prescribed or directed by the medical or health care provider. The YMCA will record the medical provider’s name and contact information in the member’s account. Access to the indoor wellness area does not apply to family members or other people on the membership.

For more than 150 years, the Y has served as a nonprofit leader and partner in community health, delivering evidence-based health programs and interventions that benefit vulnerable populations and those managing life-altering effects of chronic disease. We believe serving this population is now more important than ever. During the pandemic, NC YMCAs have partnered with health experts and developed operational plans that meet or exceed requirements and recommendations of the CDC and NCDHHS. Therefore, we are confident in our YMCA’s ability to utilize our indoor wellness area safely for this purpose. For so many in our community, exercise therapy is a key to recovery, disease management, and prevention. We are grateful to the NCDHHS for recognizing this critical need and providing necessary guidelines in which to do so safely.


Who is considered a medical or health care professional?
For purposes of this exception, “medical professionals” and “health care professionals” shall include licensed physicians, licensed physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners, licensed nurses, licensed chiropractors, licensed dieticians, licensed respiratory care therapists, licensed psychologists, licensed clinical mental health counselors, licensed occupational therapists, licensed physical therapists, licensed recreational therapists, and licensed massage therapists. “Medical professionals” and “health care professionals” does not include personal trainers, unlicensed masseurs or bodywork therapists, or other unlicensed persons that may provide advice about health.

Am I required to disclose my disability or medical reason for prescribed exercise?
We respect our members’ right to privacy. While a written note/prescription is required, the member or medical provider is not required to disclose the reason, medical information, or disability.

Does this mean the Y is fully open for business?
No. It is our intent to provide access to members who need our support urgently for their physician-directed care, in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order and meeting or exceeding all recommendations and requirements of the CDC, NCDHHS and local health departments.

How do I reserve a workout time at the Harrison Family YMCA?

  • You can call 252-972-9622 or e-mail Michelle Johnson at to make a reservation or ask questions. Online reservations are not available as the medical note must be approved first.
  • Please turn in a completed YMCA waiver form prior to your reservation. Click here to access this waiver.