Martial Arts is a general term for different traditions of combat practice that exist in many cultures around the world. These traditions teach a combination of self-defense, competition, mental discipline, and personal development through a blend of Japanese and Korean disciplines. Martial arts classes at the Y consist of warm-up stretches, kicking, forms, cool-down stretches, and meditation. All programs focus on developing the character value traits of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. 

Program Dates: Dates to be announced.
If you are unsure of which class level best fits the student, the instructor will make a class level suggestion.

Ages: 5 & up

Location:  YMCA Multi-Purpose Room  

Y Members

  • $45 per month | 2 classes a week 
  • $25 per month | 1 class a week

Community Members

  • $55 per month | 2 classes a week 
  • $35 per month | 1 class a week

Available Class Levels: 

  • Beginner: Mondays & Thursday from 5-6pm 
  • Intermediate: Mondays & Thursdays from 6:15-7:15pm

You can register online or by filling out the form below and turning it at the front desk. 

Info to Know: 

  • Uniforms can be ordered through the YMCA at a $20 fee at the front desk.
  • If the child is enrolled in after-school care, they will receive 15% off of program fee.
  • Students can be walked to Martial Arts from YMCA after-school by counselors.
  • Parents/families will not be allowed to stay in the program area. They can attend on show days, which will be the last Thursday of each month.
  • Proper Karate attire: Comfortable shorts or pants & tee shirt or Karate Uniform.
  • A monthly draft option is available.
  • Parent sign-in/sign out required.
  • 15% of the program fee will be non-refundable should the registration be canceled by the registrant. 100% will be refunded should the program be canceled by the Y.
  • There is a $10 fee for returned payments.
  • Pricing is per monthly session.

For more information, contact 252-972-9622 x.227 or ijones@rmymca.org.

Financial Assistance

Martial Arts Brochure and Registration Form