Learn to love the sport of gymnastics at the Y. Competitive Gymnastics helps youth value hard work, reach for excellence, and enjoy spirited competition, all while making new friends, improving skills, and being active at the Y! This is a year-round program for competitive gymnasts who wish to compete against outside teams and gymnasts. 

Season Schedule
Practice runs year-round on the following schedule, with various practice time options available for registration once the gymnast has been accepted onto the team. You will register and pay a monthly fee for the number of hours you would like to practice each week. The Coordinator will keep track of your practice hours throughout the program and will give the participant and the parent-specific meet details as they become available.

Weekly Schedule
Gymnasts may attend during any of the following days and times listed below, as long as you don't exceed your registered number of hours.
Mondays | 4:30pm - 7:30pm 
Wednesdays | 4:30pm - 7:30pm 
Fridays | 4:30pm - 7:30pm 

Registration Options
4 Hours/Week | $105 a month
6 Hours/Week | $140 a month 
8 Hours/Week | $175 a month 
9 Hours/Week | $190 a month

How To Sign Up
You may register online or at the front desk with this registration form after you have completed and passed an evaluation.

Ready to try out for the team? Email Kaila Billups at kbillups@rmymca.org or call 252-972-9622 ext. 235 to set up a time.

Gymnastics Team Info To Know

Competitive Gymnastics Team Brochure & Registration Form

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