Fitness/Wellness Center (2nd floor)

  • No one under the age of 15 allowed in the Wellness Area unless:
    • They are on the walking track with an adult
    • They are taking T-N-T (teens in training)
    • They have completed T-N-T and are 10-12 years old (will be given a red bracelet). Must be with an adult and may only use the Precor & Cardio areas.
    • They have completed T-N-T and are 13-14 years old (will be given a green bracelet). May use the Precor and Cardio areas only for up to 2 hrs.
  • Do not drop weights on the floor.
  • No sandals may be worn in the Wellness Area
  • Do not remove equipment from respective areas.
  • No wearing inappropriate (i.e., containing profanity or illegal product marketing), immodest, or revealing attire. 
  • No member-to-member personal training.
  • Limit use of cardio equipment to 30 minutes.
  • Wipe equipment down after every use.
  • Do not deny access to equipment you are not using.
  • Do not enter class more than 10 minutes after start.
  • Please use day lockers to store your belongings.

Basketball Courts

  • Court 1: (front) For ages 15 and up
  • Court 2: (back) For ages 11-14 
  • Court 3: (Family Gym) For ages 10 & Under, as well as families 
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct
  • No profanity or abusive language
  • No loud verbal exchanges
  • No threatening gestures or contact
  • No dunking or hanging from rim or net
  • No food or bags allowed in the gym
  • Respect other YMCA members and staff
  • Proper attire must be worn at all times
  • Only non-marking shoes allowed on gym floor
  • Anyone 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult (Family Gym)
  • The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property
  • If rules are broken then you will be asked to leave the facility. (May be suspended due to offense)
  • Kids 10 and under should be with a non-participant parent if they are in the main gym.

Locker Room Age Limits

  • The Family Locker Room is for anyone who needs adult assistance.
    • This may include people with a mental or physical disability, or adults assisting their children.
    • Please refrain from using this locker room as a "walk-through" to get to the pool deck. You should still use your respective locker room to enter and exit the pool deck.
  • The Girl's Locker Room is for girls 17 years old & younger.
  • The Boy's Locker Room is for boys 17 years old & younger.
  • The Women's Locker Room is for women ages 18 & older.
  • The Men's Locker Room is for men ages 18 & older. 

Pool Rules

  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Patrons must shower before entering pool.
  • No prolonged breath holding.
  • One long whistle blast clears the pool.
  • Children 10 and under must be supervised by an adult at least 18 years of age.
  • Children 4 and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult at least18 years of age.
  • Appropriate swimming attire required.
  • Only Coast Guard approved lifejackets will be allowed for use by non-swimmers.
  • No running, pushing, dunking, rowdiness at any time.
  • No gum, food, drink or smoking.
  • No hanging on lane lines, lifelines or pool ladders.
  • Only one person allowed on pool ladder at a time.
  • Flotation devices (including water wings, rafts, beach balls, noodles and kick boards, etc.) are not allowed during Open Swim Sessions.
  • Kickboards, fins, pull buoys, water fitness belts and noodles may be used during lap swim, swim team practice and instructional classes.
  • No sitting, playing, jumping or diving from starting blocks, these are for competitive use only under the supervision of a swim coach.
  • Lap lanes may have to be shared.
  • Jumping from edge of pool must be feet first, facing forward, no spinning, jumping backwards, or somersaults.
  • No diving in shallow water, diving only allowed from deep end of competitive pool.
  • The pool will be closed during electrical storms.
  • The Lifeguard has the authority to enforce the rules and to request those in violation to leave the pool.

Pool Slide Rules

  • SWIMMING ABILITY IS REQUIRED to use the slide.
  • Use of lifejackets or other floatation devices is prohibited. Loose clothing shall not be worn.
  • No stopping or slowing down inside of the flume.
  • Absolutely NO diving or any other head first entry down the slide.
  • Single user only, sliding face up and feet first. No chain of people or holding of small children while sliding.
  • Pool slide is to be operated with water running down the flume.
  • No waiting in line on the steps, only one slider allowed on first landing and one slider allowed on top landing.
  • Users are to slide only after splash down area is cleared. Exit splash down area immediately.
  • No eyeglasses, sunglasses or goggles allowed to be worn while sliding.
  • Slide mats or other riding equipment are not allowed.
  • Slider must wait for Lifeguard signal to slide.
  • Swimming is prohibited in splash area while pool slide is in operation.
  • Sliders should keep legs crossed or together when entering the water.
  • No hanging from flume is allowed.
  • Recommended minimum weight is 70lbs and maximum weight is 280lbs.

Spa Rules and Cautions

  • Pregnant women, elderly persons, and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure should not enter the spa/hot tub without prior medical consultation and permission from their doctor.
  • Do not use the spa/hot tub while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, or other drugs that cause drowsiness or that raise or lower blood pressure.
  • Do not use alone.
  • Unsupervised use by children is prohibited.
  • Enter and exit slowly.
  • Observe reasonable time limits (10 minutes), then leave the water and cool down before returning for another brief stay.
  • Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.
  • Keep all breakable objects out of the area.
  • Patrons must shower before entering spa.
  • Oils, body lotion, and minerals in the water are prohibited.
  • Maximum number allowed in spa at one time: 12

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