Our YMCA prides itself on our guidelines around keeping individuals and children safe while in our facility and our programs.

Below are child protection steps, should you become aware of any type of abuse while children are in our care.


  • RECOGNIZE THE WARNING SIGNS by understanding the types of abuse.
    • Physical abuse: striking, spanking, shaking, or slapping
    • Sexual abuse: inappropriate touching or inappropriate verbal exchange
    • Emotional abuse: shaming, withholding love, or cruelty
    • Neglect: withholding food, water, basic care, or bathroom usage
  • WE ARE ALL MANDATED REPORTERS of suspected child abuse.
    • For any person who suspects child abuse or neglect, NC law says that you must report to your local Department of Social Services.
      • Nash County DSS:  (252) 459-9818
      • Edgecombe County DSS: (252) 985-4101
      • Wilson County DSS: 252-206-4000 
      • Halifax County DSS: (252)536-6500
  • PROVIDE A FULL REPORT to the Department of Social Services in the county in which the child lives.
    • Name and address of the juvenile
    • Name and address of the juvenile’s care-taker
    • Age of the juvenile
    • Names and ages of other juveniles in the home
    • Present whereabouts of the juvenile
    • Nature and extent of any injury or condition resulting from abuse, neglect, or dependency
    • Any other information which the person making the report believes might be helpful
  • NOTIFY YMCA ADMINISTRATION of reports made to the Department of Social Services.

Click here for our general Code of Conduct that all program participants, members, guests, staff, and/or volunteers must follow while in our facility or programs.

Anonymous Reporting

Should you ever witness any "red flag" behaviors, rule-breaking, or violations of the Child Sexual Abuse Code of Conduct or our general Code of Conduct, please fill out the anonymous form below to report this. All comments reported through this are kept confidential and will be handled appropriately.