This program applies the principles of exercise science, health coaching, nutrition, psychology, corrective exercise, therapeutic exercise, and pathophysiology to develop health and fitness programs for special-population clients with health issues (e.g. cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal) in order to facilitate lasting behavioral change and improve client heath, function and well-being. We will require a medical clearance from your physician and indications of any limitations that you may have related to your conditions.

Your Certified Medical Exercise Specialist:
Joy Lane | | 252-972-9622 x.246

The Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (CMES) has expertise in conducting assessments and designing comprehensive health and fitness programs to help clients prevent and manage disease, avoid injuries, improve overall wellness and function throughout all phases of medical intervention and return to desired activities following rehabilitation. Please know that our CMES will not diagnose or provide any aspect of medical treatment of a client's condition. There will be communication, as needed, between the CMES and physician on short term goals, long term goals, contraindications, precautions, restrictions, recommendations, physical limitations, and special considerations.

Our CMES has a scope of practice that includes:
 •Conducting health history interviews to identify risk factors or known diagnoses of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, musculoskeletal, and other diseases, injuries and ailments that require specialized considerations for exercise participation and the need for healthcare referrals
 • Assessing posture, balance, kinetic-chain stability and mobility, functional movement patterns, coordination, and gait
 • Identifying and conducting appropriate assessments to determine cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility
 • Guiding clients through realistic goal setting based on their expectations and limitations, assessment data and recommendations from health care professionals
 • Designing and delivering preventive programs for at-risk clients to help them improve health, fitness and function while mitigating the risk of diseases, disorders, ailments, and injuries
 • Educating clients on specific health behaviors and self-monitoring tools to enhance program adherence, safety, and success
 • Instructing clients on safe and effective exercise techniques using appropriate communication, coaching, and cueing strategies to optimize program outcomes and build self-efficacy


# of Sessions Y Members 
1 $50
5 $250
10 $500

How To Register
1. Online
2. In-person at the front desk

• After registering, our CMES will call you to schedule an appointment.
• If a client must cancel, they must notify the CMES at least 12 hours in advance or it could result in forfeiting a session.
• In the case of cancellation by the participant, 15% of the program fee will be non-refundable.

Medical Exercise Training Brochure & Registration Form

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