Of all Americans, 97% struggle to complete their regular exercise each week, even though we know how important it is to our health and well-being. As a new or returning Harrison Family YMCA Member, we would like the opportunity to connect with you and help you meet your personal health and wellness goals. WE WILL GET YOU STARTED and give you the tools to KEEP GOING with our Healthy Living Orientation program! This program is free to members. 

During the session, we will demonstrate how to correctly use the cardio and Precore strength machines and go over our wellness floor guidelines. Our goal is to lead you in the right direction that will be most valuable on your health and fitness journey. You will also be introduced to our programs, classes, and machines, and become acquainted with our trained Healthy Living Staff. 

Getting Started: 
Members must sign up at the front desk to participate. Our Healthy Living Staff, will contact participants to schedule an orientation time. 

In Your Session:
• Get friendly guidance from our trained coach, who will take you on a guided tour of the cardio and strength equipment
• Get answers to your exercise questions
• Receive an overview of the building and our programs and services
• Gather many great tips to help you stay on track!

Benefits To You:
• Build success
• Create realistic expectations
• Tailor workouts around activities you enjoy
• Connect with other members and staff
• Become more comfortable with the facility and your new health journey!

Upon completion, participants will receive a 10% off Personal Training Packages

For more information contact our Healthy Living Director at 252-972-9622 ext. 245.

Healthy Living Orientation Brochure