Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. Our Aquatics Department includes our competitive Racers Swim Team, swimming lessons for all ages (private & group), an adaptive swim programs for kids with special needs within Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System, adult water fitness classes, lifeguard training, recreation & competition pools for open swim, and a spa and sauna. Our youth aquatic programs are nationally recognized for providing a well-rounded enriching approach to the development of a healthy spirit, mind and body.

Competition Pool with Handicapped Pool Lift:

  • 25 yards in length
  • Pool temperature: 82-83 degrees
  • Four feet deep in shallow end to nine feet in deep end

Recreation Pool with Pool Slide and Handicapped Pool Lift:

  • 20 yards in length
  • Pool temperature: 86-87 degrees
  • 30” wide with 6” riser steps across entire shallow end
  • Three feet in shallow end to 6 feet in deep end

Spa with Handicapped Pool Lift : 103 degrees: Minimum age of 14

Sauna: Minimum age of 14

RMY Racers Swim Team

Swim Lessons

Water Fitness

Lifeguard Training

Pool Closings