As a member of the Y, you are given complete and total access to all of our Aerobics/Group Exercise Classes. These are for members only and we, of course, welcome anyone from beginner to advanced. You can use the suggestions below as a guideline, but always feel free to try them all!

  • If you are new to fitness, try a Family Class or Dance Fusion.
  • If you are more advanced, check out Cycle, Body Sculpt and Zumba or Pilates.
  • For a really intense workout, try Boot Camp, Power Sculpt or Insanity.

If you have any questions, contact Brett Van Pelt, Wellness Director, at 252-972-9622 x.245 or

Class Descriptions

  • 20-20-20- 20 minute intervals of cycle, step and kickboxing.
  • ABS - A 15 minute strictly abdominal workout.
  • AEROBIC DANCE— Come to dance, have fun, and get a little workout in too!
  • BODY SCULPT - Muscle toning using hand weights, resistance tubing and other tools to strengthen major muscle groups.
  • BODY PUMP– Get your body ready to pump it up!
  • BOOT CAMP - You’re in the Army now! A high intensity class designed to increase cardiovascular endurance.
  • BOXERCISE—circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques
  • CYCLE - A challenging “no impact” ride of your life.
  • CYCLE & PILATES— A combination class getting the best of both Cycle and Pilates!
  • CARDIO CLASS — A variety of low impact moves and activities designed to achieve and maintain lifelong fitness.
  • DANCE FUSION– A fusion of dance and body-sculpting exercises designed to help you meet your fitness goals and get your groove on!
  • FAMILY SHAKE IT UP- A class for everyone no matter your fitness level! Ages 8 & up!
  • FAMILY YOGA- Yoga for ages 8 & up!
  • GOLDEN OLDIES– Move and groove to the best music created!
  • HIGH ENERGY—high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery!
  • HIIT— High Intensity Interval Training.
  • INSANITY -The name speaks for itself! Come join our intense class!
  • JAMMIN’ CARDIO - An hour of heart pumping low to medium impact dance aerobics. Fun for all ages and walks of life!
  • KETTLEBELL— A total body workout that mixes strength and conditioning training in a fun, high energy express class.
  • LINE DANCING—Variety of pop and country line dancing, join the fun!
  • LOW IMPACT CARDIO FUSION- A variety of low impact moves and activities designed to achieve and maintain lifelong fitness, themed around the season!
  • PILATES - This class has an emphasis on core stabilization with proper body alignment to help improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • PEDAL & PUMP- If you like cycle class then add some weights and you have pedal & pump. Come get your cardio and strength all wrap up in one…
  • POWER SCULPT - Muscle toning combined with intense power moves and cardio intervals.
  • SILVER SNEAKERS– Increase muscle strength, range of movement and activities of daily living while moving to the music with the use of hand held weights, bands etc. Chairs provided for support
  • SILVER SNEAKERS CIRCUIT- Silver Sneakers, but with a twist! Come join the fun!
  • STEP INTERVAL– Step with intervals of strength training.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING - Total muscle workout!
  • STRETCH & CORE- A bend of stretching and core exercises.
  • TRX—Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously
  • YOGA - Stretches and poses to improve flexibility and core body strength are coordinated with breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • ZUMBA - Join the Party! ZUMBA is fun and effective, using interval training combining fast and slow rhythms for an aerobic workout.